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Secret google algorithm simplified – business owners must read

As a startup entrepreneur or small/medium size business owner you should not worry too much about 200+ Google ranking factors. Highly possible it is too technical and not worth your time and energy. But we believe, you should at least understand the basic top 9 SEO growth factors and why you have to implement them to grown your online exposure and gain valuable customers. To start with, here is the secret Google algorithm to win the internet:

Large Number x High Quality = Win

Yeap, this is it, not a rocket science. But let see what does it really mean:

– Large number means that your website has to be shared all around the internet. More links and brand mentions the better. Also, you content has to be long enough.

– High quality means all of those links and articles have to be relevant (on topic). Your page has to deliver good user experience – load fast on any device and it has to be “easy” to read.

Here is how to implement it:

1. Backlinks – external and internal links are very important.

– write articles and create pages
– link to your own articles and pages
– link to other relevant articles and pages on the internet
– reach out to relevant websites, forums, groups and promote yourself there to gain exposure and links back to your website
2. Link authority – e.g. you run a coffee shop, if you run a coffee shop on the internet for over 10 years it means you are still in the business. If you are still in the business it means you are doing something right. Also if other people or websites talk about you in a positive way it means you are good at what you are doing. So your coffee shop “authority” should be high. That relates of course to every website on the internet.

– try to keep your business on the internet as long as you can
– deliver high quality solutions for your customers
– support other “high profile” business and make sure other “high profile” businesses support you

But small caveat here – Google is smart, if you buy links or they are from “link farms” … you will be penalize. Instead of going higher, you will go down on the google search results.
3. Anchor text – it is the text around the link.

– when you insert a link on your page/article make sure it is a link to similar topic
– same goes for external links – make sure you are promoting yourself with relevant text around the link
4. Content relevance – if you run a coffee shop, do not write about your favorite clothing brand. Also, do not follow old-school advice and stuff your page/article with 100+ “key words” – this is spam. Up to 5 key-words per page is more than enough.
5. Content length – some specialists are saying that the longer the article the better ranking. Make sure you understand what you are writing about and what your customer/user wants.

– keep your articles short if the question is simple and the answer has to be fast
– recommended article length is above 1000 words
6. Click-through rate – CTR is a ratio of the number of times a given search listing was clicked on to the number of times it was displayed to searchers. Search engines measure your website in many different ways. Time spent on page, Bounce Rate and CTR are very important signals for search engine algorithms.

– keep your Title meaningful and eye catching
– make sure you Meta Tag is easy to read and interesting
7. Popularity – social media such as Facebook can help grow your business organically. If you are popular and shared multiple times, Google will measure those signals and use them to put your website higher in rankings.

– promote yourself on various social media platforms e.g. engage in discussions
– make your website easy to share e.g. add “share this article” buttons to your articles
8. Mobile compatible – more and more users spent time on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

– make sure your website looks good on any device and it is easy to read/navigate
– it is “flexible” and scales nicely on any screen
9. Website speed – your website has to load in less than 2 seconds.

– host your website on fast server – support yourself with CDN
– less java and less scripts / widgets with functionality that not everyone needs
– basic text, menu and simple picture is enough
Remember, there is no such a thing as one-fix-all approach. As far as you are passionate about what you do – just be active. Deliver solutions to your customers and make sure your service/product is of high quality. Be public, open and social – just spread the word. If you keep following those steps, it will be just a matter of time when your website will go higher in rankings. But do not expect organic results to reach the stars over a night or even within a month.

Good luck and have fun!